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BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour - Anne Chamberlain interviewed by Jenni Murray, 4 May 2017. Link to LISTEN here

BBC Radio Shropshire - Anne Chamberlain interviewed by James Fanning about EGLANTYNE for Shropshire Breakfast, Sat 6 June 2015. Link to LISTEN here

BBC Radio Shropshire - Anne Chamberlain, Lionel Jebb and Corinna Jebb speaking about EGLANTYNE, Mon 8 June 2015. Link to LISTEN here



UK Review - The Reviews Hub declared the EGLANTYNE show "outstanding" and wrote "Not only is this a great show, it’s also a really important story, of an incredible life. A love letter to a woman that changed the lives of so many around the world, and whose legacy continues to do good to this day." Full review...

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Page A9 CULTURE May 26 2014.


Lodge Theatre, Geraldine - EGLANTYNE:
Successful portrayal of passionate activism
- reviewed by Hugh McCafferty

I have just had the privilege of attending the world premiere of Anne Chamberlain’s one-woman show Eglantyne. The work explores the life of Eglantyne Jebb, founder of the Save the Children Fund. The idea of writing the piece came to Ms Chamberlain while she was working for that organisation, and when she realized how little was known of the remarkable woman who founded it.

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Rangi Ruru Girls School, Merivale Lane, Christchurch - EGLANTYNE:
Wit and buoyancy in fine style
- reviewed by Lindsay Clark

From a privileged Edwardian childhood in rural Shropshire, the journey leads to Oxford and her embroilment in high-minded social reform. Operating on the fringe of the new Liberal movement, including the Bloomsbury group, she is imbued with an idealistic fervour which will characterise all her dealings. Failure of any kind – whether in love or a disastrous attempt at teaching – results in the creation of ever more ambitious schemes as a rebuttal of depression or ill health. But it is the blockade of British relief to post-war Europe in 1918 which really galvanises her to action

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4.5 Star Review - Adelaide Theatre Guide


EGLANTYNE: Rewarded with an empathetic insight
4th Wall Theatre, New Plymouth
- reviewed by Ngaire Riley

What makes us care? What makes someone work so hard for others, it is to the detriment of their own health? Why give up a cushy comfortable life and fight for those who have little or nothing? Male names spring to mind: Christ, Martin Luther King, Ghandi. But women? Joan of Arc... Tonight Anne Chamberlain‚s rich and fascinating creation and portrayal of Eglantyne Judd introduces a new name and life to most of us.

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